Hairy People

(Also see Longhaired)

Taken at face value, hairy people enjoyed a higher esteem and fascination than nearly any category of freak performers. In their rarest form, hypertrichosis, they provide some of the most spectacular images of human beings we have. Perhaps the most famous of the hairy people, "JoJo The Dog-Faced Boy" has entered the lexicon, become a phrase in the English language which signifies a freakishness and a wonder. more>>

above, Lionel.
Hypertrichosis, Hirsutism.

Color Lithographed German Postcard of Lionel at 5 Years Old, circa 1907.
>> Jo Jo in his day commanded one of the highest salaries in the history of the sideshow business-- a clear indication of the extent to which we will go, and the dimes and quarters we will pay to be startled by a human being with the wild hair of an animal. (To be continued)

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List of Performer:
Bejano, Percilla (Lauther) "Monkey-Girl"
Burmese Hairy Family (Moung Phoset, etc.)
Carter, Bella "The Mare-Woman" [mm115]
Doherty, Alice E. "Minnesota Wooley Child" "Dog Faced Girl"
Farini, Krao "The Missing Link"
Gonsales, Petrus "Tenerife Hairy Man"[rp]
Gonsales Sisters (children of Petrus) [rp]
Jo Jo "Russian Dog Faced Boy" (Jeftichew, Feodor )
Kee-Boo "The Wolf Girl" (Gilbert, Grace)
Krao (Farini)
Leon "Red-Haired Lion Faced Man" [blk 0-800] Lionel "The Man With The Lion's Mane" (Bilgraski, Stephen.aka Bibrowski)
Lionette "The Lion-Face Girl" (Dora Gutterman) [d,rl]
Pastrana, Julia
Pastrana, Zenora
Rham Sam [blk 0-435]
"Ricky" (Resident Mystery. Mush or Muff?)[d]
Tarantino, Eleander "Horse Tail Woman" [blk 0-411-412]
Updike, Colon T. "Horse Tail Man" [blk 0-406, mr67]
Ursler, Barbara [fd191]
Wolf-People, The "Chuy the Wolf Boy/Monkey Boy" "Lili The Wolf Girl" "Larry & Danny, The Wolf Brothers." (Thanks to VeeKay The Clown)

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m multi-talented, appears in more than one category

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