Anatomical Museums

The Anatomical Museum of the 1800's typically displayed wax models, specimens in jars, freaks of nature (both human and animal), and ethnological curiosities. Ostensibly set up as learning exhibits for physicians and scientists, they ultimately catered to the curious general public, or those looking for symptomatic cures for their own undiagnosed diseases.

Anatomical Museums, Medical Museums.

Top, a page reproduced from the 1864 CATALOGUE OF New York Museum of Anatomy.

Bottom, back cover of 1895 catalogue of Dr. Linn's Museum of Anatomy.

Both as advertisements for the services of the doctors who normally managed them, and as entertainment for the morbidly curious, they were without parallel-- allowing legitimate physicians, quacks, and those with revoked medical licenses to practice-- and sometimes prey-- on the uneducated. The Anatomical Museum usually excluded women and children, adding to the privacy required by those seeking displays which showcased the symptoms (and cures) for venereal diseases and other ailments. (to be continued)


List of Places Venues:

19th Century Anatomical Museums [d]
Dr. Becker's Anatomical Museum

Buffalo, NY:
Dr. Linn's Museum of Anatomy

World's Musee of Anatomy

New York:

Dr. Kahn's Museum of Anatomy

New York Museum of Anatomy


European Anatomical, Pathological and Ethnological Museum

St. Louis:

Drs. S. & D. Davieson's Grand Museum of Anatomy

Liverpool, England:

Liverpool Museum of Anatomy

Manchester, England:

Dr. Heidemann's Anatomical Museum


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