Industry Publications:

Frank Queen began this weekly publication in 1853, and it ran until 1924, catering to the theatrical, amusement, sporting, outdoor entertainment and circus trade. Later know simply as "The Clipper," it became the bible for the amusement business. Today these fragile newspapers are a rarity-- although the New York Public Library and the Library of Congress in Washington have near-complete runs on microfilm.

A very valuable resource for the amusement business historian, "The Clipper" will continue to help us flesh-out this online history as we progress.


Another important trade publication, it was known as the "showman's bible" from 1894-1960. In 1960 Billboard became strictly a music trade journal.


Amusement Business

Begun in 1961, "AB" was a weekly trade publication for the outdoor amusement business, taking up where Billboard left off. Publication ceased May 2006.


The Show World
Greater Show World

This great trade publication, edited by Johnny J. Kline, covered carnivals, circuses, and the rest of the outdoor amusement world. It was published monthly beginning in 1925 to about 1950(?). We are currently seeking more information and back issues of this publication.


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